My 9 Biggest Personal Growth Experiences of 2014

My experiences this year pushed me far beyond my comfort zones and helped me understand myself more than any year before.

Going into 2014 I had many of the same goals that you probably had. Eat healthier, exercise more, make X amount of money. Unsurprisingly almost none of those things went the way I’d intended. Instead, the things I never could’ve planned for ended up making this the best year ever.

Here are my biggest personal growth experiences of 2014.

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How I Make Every Day The Best Day Ever

Last week I had two of my wisdom teeth forcefully ripped from my jaw and I stubbornly refused to take pain medication. A few hours later I lay on my couch writhing in agony while talking to my Mom on the phone.

She asked how I was doing.

“I’m still having the best day ever.” I replied.

For about six months I’ve been playing a mental game with myself by proclaiming every day “The best day ever.”

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This Is The Difference Between Dying With Regrets And Living At Your Best

I know what it’s like to be paralyzed by fear.

When every morning feels overwhelming.

When trying to make the right decision leads to no decision.

When time and money constantly feel like they’re running out.

When losing comfort scares you more than taking the risks to get to the next level.

When your dreams feel more like dreams than ever before.

You can change this.

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8 important truths you weren’t taught in school

After exhausting myself mentally and physically to build and grow a twelve person remote business, I was ready for a break. My business had become a self-created jail cell and I was growing weary of chasing down ideas purely for monetary reasons. The fact that my co-founder and I were at odds with how to grow our company gave me an excuse to leave and take pause to reflect on my life, my beliefs, and what I really wanted and needed do next with my life.

I decided to take at least six months off. During those six months I traveled to Portland to talk about life with my good friend, Matthew, and I went on a two month road trip across the west coast with my girlfriend. A year later I’m headed down a completely different path than I ever imagined. My work and beliefs are beginning to finally align thanks to the profound lessons I’ve learned about life and myself over the past year.

Here are a few of the universal lessons I came to realize over the past year…

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How “success” changed my beliefs about success

In 2012, I thought I was successful.

I’d always wanted to start a design firm so my co-founder and I were building a “creative empire”. We had a team of twelve creatives and we were doing work for some of the biggest agencies and brands in the world. By many people’s definition of success we were well on our way to entrepreneurial nirvana.

Secretly, I was miserable.

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Why you need to tell your story

If you’re anything like me you probably enjoy a great story. Most of us do.

Telling stories and listening to others tell stories is something humans have enjoyed doing since the invention of writing and language.

From cave paintings to Instagram and Vine, our love of storytelling drives us to constantly create new mediums and tools for telling and consuming stories more efficiently.

But why go to such extreme measures of invention just to make it easier to tell stories?

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